Firefighters in Michigan teamed up with water department workers and animal control officers to rescue a dog that fell to the bottom of a cement sewer basin.

The Allen Park Fire Department said in a Facebook post that crews responded alongside personnel from the Allen Park Water and Sewer Department and animal control officers when a 12-year-old dog named Bailey ended up stranded 15-20 feet down in the sewer basin.

“It appears a piece of machinery may have knocked the cover off exposing the hole at some point,” the fire department said.

The post said confined space rescue equipment was provided by the water department and a firefighter descended into the hole to bring Bailey back to safety.

“The dog was conscious, alert and yipping,” the post said.

Bailey did not appear to be seriously injured once returned to solid ground.

“The dog walked on his own power back to the car, and was taken to a vet for stitches and a bath,” the fire department said.