Jets score in first quarter for first time this year, lead 7-0

The Jets didn’t score any points in six first quarters with Zach Wilson as their quarterback, but Mike White had no issue getting off to a quick start. White completed all seven passes he threw on the first drive of the game and Michael Carter scampered into the end zone from eight yards out to […]


Abnormal brain changes found to develop over time with bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder (BD) is a debilitating psychiatric disorder characterized by fluctuating periods of depression and mania. Researchers have long suspected that BD may be accompanied by abnormal structural and functional changes in the brain. Small cross-sectional brain imaging studies of people with BD have shown hints at those changes, but the ability to interpret data […]


Proposed U.S. carbon capture credit hike cheers industry, worries greens

A proposed tax credit hike for U.S. carbon capture and sequestration projects being mulled by Congress could trigger a big jump in use of the climate-fighting technology to clean up industry, but environmentalists worry the scheme will backfire by prolonging the life of dirty coal-fired power plants. Carbon capture sequestration (CCS) is a technology that […]


Arizona PC builder that applied for Meta trademark says Facebook can buy the name for $20 million

Facebook changing its corporate name to Meta could cost the company more than expected. An Arizona firm called Meta PCs that sells laptops, accessories, and customized rigs already applied to trademark the “Meta” name in August but is willing to sell it to Zuckerberg and co. for $20 million. Last week saw Facebook confirm rumors […]


New Zealanders find 17-pound potato in ‘feral’ vegetable garden

A New Zealand couple said they were cleaning out their vegetable garden when they found a massive potato that weighed more than 17 pounds and might be a new world record. Colin and Donna Craig-Brown said they initially weren’t even sure of what they had discovered under a few inches of dirt in their Waikato […]


Chuba Hubbard fumbles on first play, Falcons lead 3-0

Turnover have been an issue for the Panthers throughout their four-game losing streak and they haven’t gone away this Sunday. Falcons linebacker Deion Jones stripped Panthers running back Chuba Hubbard of the ball on the first snap of the game. Defensive lineman Adetokunbo Ogundeji fell on the ball and the Falcons were in business on […]


Researchers identify key component of cellular malfunction leading to cancer

Malfunctioning of the so-called Hippo signaling pathway within animal cells leads to irregular activity of proteins that regulate genes involved in cell proliferation. Researchers have identified a key step in the process of this aberration, opening the door to new therapeutics for cancers such as head-and-neck squamous cell carcinoma and lung adenocarcinoma. Scientists have homed […]


Google says the Pixel 6 Pro’s flickering display will be fixed next month

The Pixel 6 Pro has arrived to glowing reviews; however, some users have reported experiencing display flickering with the device when it’s turned off. Raising suspicions of what could be yet another quality control issue with Google’s new hardware, the company has now acknowledged the problem, which it says is not hardware related, and that […]


Hong Kong sisters amass collection of 3,388 lip balms

A pair of young sisters from Hong Kong earned a Guinness World Record when they amassed a collection of 3,388 different lip balms. Scarlett Ashley Cheng, 6, told Guinness World Records she and her sister, Kaylyn, 8, started collecting lip balms when the younger sister was only a toddler. “It all started with having dry […]